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our starting point: flexibility

¨In addquity we have clear idea, and at the same time, we are open-minded. We aim to seek, to study and to assess objectively all the opportunities that surround us. We call this perspective 360°¨

Our results do not originate from a master plan developed at the beginning. We simply know what we want and look for appropriate opportunities to achieve it.

We are business analysts, not from the market, and take our decisions within what is important and visible. We think and react objectively, defining our areas of expertise with reality.

Business Plans

Engaged with all sectors

When it comes to participating in a business, we make no commitment to any particular sector. In fact, we commit ourselves to all of them.

We believe that what really matters is to carry capital towards those business plans which make sense to us, to companies that have a culture and values related to us.

Investment criteria

we look for companies with a clear set of requirements

  • Business generator of liquidity that is capable of producing cash flow.
  • Companies with a single line of business, as we believe that the widely diversified companies are notoriously inefficient and their management at human level is also more complex.
  • Outstanding management team to work with us on how to understand the business and to face them.
  • Well-managed companies that do not focus on future prospects but that have a solid path.
  • Good businesses with sustainable competitive advantage, with growth opportunities through greater optimization, development of new business or with the possibility to be present in other markets.
  • Companies that can be purchased at the right price and that has a basic economic health and strength to overcome the difficulties.
  • Professionals who are passionate about their work and where there is affinity staff. They are what the company is and they are really what are worth.
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